Rencontre avec Nazario Fiakaifona

Nazario Fiakaifona, a famous Vanuatuan Olympian athlete was qualified to participate in the London 2012 Olympic games. The 24-year-old Vanuatuan judoka competed in the men’s “over 100 kg weight” division and lost to Marius Paskevicius on 10th of August.

His experience and journey to London was altogether amazing and fun. The VASANOC (Vanuatu Association of Sports And National Olympic Committee) organized the trip and our athletes’Olympic suits.
During his training in London, Nazario was coached by Great Britain’s and Japan’s coaches. He was helped and supported by his coaches, friends, family, ex-teachers and certainly by his fans. Nazario visited London city, especially historical monuments, The London eye, Big Ben, and met Tony Parker, Taio Cruz, and Jessie J.

Nazario Fiakaifona, a famous Vanuatuan Olympian athlete

To fight his stress, Nazario liked to walk around the Olympic village, which he found amazing and said he didn’t want to leave! These walks would make him think and relax for his fight.
Overall, his experience made him develop in physical and mental knowledge, and he told our reporters he found the experience unforgettable!
He hopes that he or another Nivanuatu judoka will qualify gain for the next games (2016 Rio Olympic games.).
Our whole class and teacher were delighted to meet him and we would like to thank him very much again for his kind visits to our school!

The English class of 4°/3°, Ecole française JMG Le Clézio.

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