Listen to our live broadcast « Did you know? » on a local radio! Such a great experience!

We are a bunch of year 12 STMG from the Lycée JMG Le Clézio in Port Vila, Vanuatu. And we would like to share our very first live broadcast on a local radio.


the students in the recording studio(photo 1)On the 28th of November, we were radio journalists for Radio 107 and today we are newspapers journalists for Asia! After a school trip to Wellington in July and August, our class worked on a project about New-Zealand We studied and learned many things about the history of immigration, parliament, arts and culture ( Haka,Te papa museum and Te Weta Caves ).We decided to make a Questions/Answers broadcast “Did you know?”, so we had to select relevant information according to the different subjects.

live broadcast on radio 107(photo 2)

Radio 107 is situated in the center of Port Vila. The people, who work for this radio, must speak three languages: Bichelamar, English and French. The manager Arthur Knight welcomed us. Then, DJ Frankie introduced us and we did a live broadcast. Firstly we said the haka and secondly, one after each other we broadcasted our questions/answers on different topics .It lasted ten minutes. We may even appear in the local newspaper ‘Vanuatu times”. The manager told us he was looking for part time DJs and journalists! Who knows? Maybe one day we will work there!

Chloe, Ingrid, Jeremy and Steve ( Year 12 STMG students)

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